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Neuronesia Learning Center, or commonly abbreviated as “NLC”, is a business institution providing training and consulting services, especially in the fields of management, business, education, and parenting, as well as self-development based on the application of neuroscience. This institution has a legal entity called PT Neuronesia Neurosains Indonesia. Starting from the neuroscience enthusiasts community in Indonesia which is called the “Neuronesia” community. This community still exists and continues to grow in pursuit of its vision and mission, namely: Intelligent Indonesians with Noble Hearts (Indonesia Cerdas Berakhlak Mulia).

Triaco previously started as a Non-Profit entity in 1984 in Jakarta and most of its work was related to Community Development projects. Upon request, the Divisions of Architecture, Master Planning/Urban Design, and Construction Management were added under the “For-Profit” section. The pioneer of Triaco, Antonius Ismael, already has a highly proven track record of his work, which really shows his originality and quality, along with his recognition by the IAI (Indonesian Architects Association) as one of the best Architects in Indonesia, who was awarded the Aga Khan Award of Excellence at the beginning of ’90s. Due to the aforementioned fact, in 1995, Triaco expanded its wings by opening a branch to preserve the culture in Bali.

PT. Zeesindo Internasional is an international quality mattress and bedding company that has served various types of hotels with its properly-tested products. The company is supported by a team who includes experts in their fields and have more than 15 years’ experience in producing quality mattresses for hotels & resorts and households.

PT. SUPRANUSA SINDATA is an IT company that is prominent in providing Hotel Software Systems, providing an end-to-end application that is well integrated with related apparatus such as room keys, etc. Applications ranging from the Front Office to the Back Office and very user-friendly.

Ajar LMS

AJAR is a start up company that focuses to produce varieties of eLearning contents that are based on ASEAN standard competency and providing Learning Management System as a service. We aim to be the most preferred eLearning partner for professionals, students, and corporate clients within hospitality industry in Asia.

PT. Dedato Indonesia is a multi-disciplinary design company with notable experience since 1988. The company gives a solution in answering the needs in an integrated manner for work interior design, architecture, product design, graphic design, art, and project management & construction which is packed in a very professional design.

A communication forum for the highest leaders affiliated in an independent hotel in Indonesia. All of its members have high integrity to improve the professionalism of devotional service according to their profession and individual expertise, strive for their best to be the host in their own country, and prepare themselves well to face the competitiveness in the global market. IHGMA MISSION To develop and enhance the professional skills of ethical members and have a character following the values of Pancasila (The Five Guiding Principles of Indonesian National Life). Develop individual abilities with training to be competitive in the global market. Voice a meaningful role in increasing Indonesian tourism. Participate actively and meaningfully in helping the government in advancing RI tourism to the global market. Build the next generation of Indonesian tourism to have the following character: actively provide training and education in tourism so they can achieve professional service standards, ethical standards and fighting for the freedom to be capable professionals, and have the ability to complete the development of hospitality both in domestic and global settings. Together with other tourism stakeholders foster a synergy in providing benefits as much as possible to tourism actors and their surrounding community.