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Event Management

Event Management is established to support programs that are intended to be announced to the wide-public, this division is led by Aty Fajariaty, SE., MM.Par., CMTA-TQ, the Development Director who has been in the field of Hospitality for 29 years. Together with Aty, Tantiarini Hidayati, Amd. Par., BBA., MSc as Deputy Director of the Program is also ready to give her best commitment to excellence. Tanti has 30 years of experience in the field of Hospitality, including in the field of developing SMEs and Tourism Villages.

The services that have been produced by Enhaiier Corporation as well as personally, are:

  • 2018 National Seminar “Preserving the Indonesian Culinary Throne”
  • Exploring and Improving the Image of Indonesian Culinary Based on Sustainable Local Food Ingredients towards a Healthy and Smart Nation