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Our Brand Story


Our President Director

More than forty years of proven experience in various management and operational aspects of the hospitality industries. Spent more than five years in overseas (England, United States, Saudia Arabia and Switzerland) and language proficiency in English (fluent), French (fair), German (fair), and Indonesian (native); which evidence favorable personal traits in multicultural environment.

Irmansjah Madewa (Inan) Dipl.Hot., S.E., M.M., CHA., CMTA-TQ., CHIA.

We believes that the company can provide its best contribution in advancing the Indonesian Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Fostered by the intention to share knowledge and experience, the wish to develop the contributions garnered through our professions as well as the hope to strengthen brotherhood among fellow alumni of the Higher Education Institute for Tourism – NHI – Bandung or at the certain passage of time was widely known as the NHI (National Hotel Institute), the alumni of the Institute agreed to establish a special business forum, which will collaboratively work to author a series of hospitality management books under the name ENHAIIER CORPORATION, along with the formation of a Limited Liability Company under the name PT. NIRWANA HOSPITALITI INTERNASIONAL (PT. NHI).

It goes without saying, the founders and shareholders of PT. NIRWANA HOSPITALITI INTERNASIONAL (PT. NHI) are the alumni of the NHI Hospitality School from various disciplines/vocational sectors, with an average working experience in their fields for approximately 20-40 years. Armed with the experience and networks that have been built in the tourism and hospitality industry at home and abroad during this period,

PT. NIRWANA HOSPITALITI INTERNASIONAL (PT. NHI) has very adequate human resources, especially in carrying out business or work in the hospitality or tourism sector. Some of the founders and/or shareholders of PT. NIRWANA HOSPITALITI INTERNASIONAL (PT. NHI) have been and are still posted in the top positions of the tourism business, international star hotels, educational institutions, and successful entrepreneurs.

Our Credentials

President Commissioner

Drs. I G Putu Laksaguna, Dipl.AHMA., CFBE., CHA., M.Sc., CMTA- TQ

Thamrin Bachri SE., M.Sc

Rachmat Solahuddin M.Sc.

President Director

Irmansjah Madewa SE., MM.Par, CHA, CMTA-TQ, CHIA

Aty Fadjariaty SE., MM.Par, CHA., CMTA-TQ
Cita Hepiningtyas SE., MM.Par
Wishnu Bataafi A.Md.Par
Engkun Kurnia SE., MM.Par
Reza Sunardi A.Md.Par